Boost your little peanut's immune system
while fending off food allergies

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Facts About Peanuts & Probiotics

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Peanut allergies are one of the most common food allergies and the
number one cause of fatal food induced anaphylaxis in children. The incidence of peanut allergies has tripled in the last decade. Peanut allergies are often life long as 80% of children do not outgrow
their allergies.


Experts now know that early introduction of peanut flour as early as 4 months of age may decrease a baby’s chances of developing a peanut allergy by 80%! This was based on the 2015 LEAP study which showed that early introduction of peanut flour made a big difference.


70% of a baby’s immune system is in the gut. A baby’s gut contains
varying levels of "good bacteria" like Bifidobacterium Lactis. "Good" bacteria interacts with a baby’s developing immune system, making it more effective at fighting infections while decreasing the chances of an overactive immune system, which is more likely to cause allergies.


Infants with food allergies have lower amounts of Bifidobacterium Lactis ("good bacteria") when compared to babies without food allergies. Studies suggest that adding probiotics like B. Lactis to the baby's diet may decrease the chances of developing food allergies.

Introducing Peanut Allergens Early

According to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), early introduction of peanut flour starting at 4 months of age may reduce a baby’s chances of developing a peanut allergy by up to 80%

Studies suggest that probiotics also known as "good bacteria" given in the first months of life may decrease babies' likelihood of developing allergies, including food allergies.

The Love That Peanut! Advantage:

We Make It Safe

Peanuts are a choking hazards and should not be introduced to infants and small children. Thick peanut butter can also present a choking risk. Love That Peanut! is a blend of 100% organic, non GMO peanut flour and probiotics, made right here in the USA. Love That Peanut! is safe to use in infants as it can easily be mixed in with formula, breast milk or pureed food.

We Make It Easy

By providing you with a pre-measured scoop and easy instructions. We want to ensure that you are giving just the right amount of peanut flour and probiotics

to keep your little peanut safe.

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We Make It More Effective

Love that Peanut! is the first and only product which adds probiotics (Bifidobacterium Lactis) to peanut flour to help decrease your baby’s chances of developing a peanut allergy. Studies show that probiotics like B. Lactis, given in the first months of life may decrease the risk of developing allergic conditions such as food allergies. Probiotics may even increase the chances of “outgrowing” a peanut allergy in people with an established peanut allergy.


We Make It Cost Effective

We provide over 90 days of peanut flour servings plus the addition of probiotics for immune support for only $37.99. We also provide food allergy updates and recipes to make the process of peanut introduction both instructive and fun.

About Love That Peanut!

Created by a Harvard Trained Pediatric Allergist

Love That Peanut was created by a Harvard trained board certified pediatric allergist.

“My daughter was born in the same year that the LEAP findings were shared with the allergy and immunology community. I struggled with the question of how to best introduce peanuts into the diet of an infant. I also wondered what else I could do to decrease her chances of developing a peanut allergy. This was the inspiration behind Love That Peanut! For me, this product is about making the world a peanut allergy-free place, one little peanut at a time!

                        -Dr. Cascya Charlot

A Word From A Mother

“My little one loves the taste of Love That Peanut! I’m so glad that I am doing something to help make sure she doesn’t get a peanut allergy.” Rachel, mother of Zina age 5 months.
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